Chewy Toys


  • Chewy toys 65g Small and mini breeds

  • Chewy Toys 100g Medium and large breeds

They reduce your natural need to chew, while taking care of your teeth!

Delicious chewy snacks flavored with roast chicken. Its novel and fun shape simulates a toy but does NOT contain chemicals or toxic substances. Its friendly formulation prevents dangerous residues from remaining and can pierce or injure your mouth and organs.


Chewy Toys

Safe snack, designed to be an alternative to meat bones.

Meat bone

elps keep your pet calm, busy and focused. It covers his natural need to chew, thus preventing him from chewing unsuitable items such as clothes, shoes, furniture, cables, etc.

Keeping the pet calm

Ideal for teething puppies, as it helps relieve gum pain and build stronger jaws.

Dental cleaning

Ideal for teething puppies, as it helps relieve gum pain and build stronger jaws.

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Chewy Toys

Recommended amount

Chewy Toys 65g.
Tamaño de la mascota Porción máxima
Mini (hasta 7 kg) 2
Muy Pequeño (de 7,1 a 10 kg)
Pequeño (de 10,1 a 15 kg) 5
Mediano (de 15,1 a 25 kg) 7
Chewy Toys 100g.
Mediano (hasta 25 kg) 2
Grande (hasta 50 kg.) 3
Extra grande (más de 50 kg) 4

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