premio doggy pouch

Premio Doggy pouch


  • Premio Doggy pork and salmon 100g

  • Premio Doggy turkey and beef 100g

Complete food in a pouch!

Delicious pieces of pure meat, bathed in a delicious sauce that can be used as a complete or complementary food, for happier and more delicious meals for your pet.

Use: for dogs-cats of all breeds and sizes.

deliciosos trocitos de carne


premio pouch trocitos de carne

Made with real meat.

carne de verdad

Meets nutritional levels established by the AAFCO


Contains taurine and DHA, both contribute to the correct development of your pet.

Contiene taurina

Its moisture content helps your pet's hydration.

Entrenar a tu mascota
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premio pouch trocitos de carne

Recommended amount

Premio Doggy Pouch 100g.
Pet size Maximum portion
Toy (until 4 kg) 3
Mini (from 4,1 to 7 kg.) 5
Very small (from 7,1 to 10 kg.) 7
Small (from 10,1 to 15 kg.) 9
Medium (from 15,1 to 25 kg.) 13

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Premio Doggy pouch

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