Responsible Animal Ownership at the time of COVID-19

According to the Movimiento Animalista Nacional (MAN), before the arrival of COVID-19 there were 200,000 animals in the streets and abandoned animals in Ecuador; however, with the health crisis this figure increased drastically and responsible pet ownership was compromised. There are several reasons that have generated this situation: lack of knowledge, fear, lack of resources, the disease itself, etc. However, in any circumstance, it is important to remember the commitment we have made since we received a pet in our homes. In case you are going through a complex situation, it is advisable to ask for help from a relative or trusted friend, and find out about the protocols activated in the city of residence for the care of animals during the health emergency.

In case you need temporary help for the care of your pet, look for help in your circle of trust. Your family and friends are likely to be familiar with your new baby and will be ready to welcome him or her. Agree with them how the care will be provided, how long you estimate you will need their help, how they will organize the food, etc. Reaching an agreement will give you the space you need to recover and the peace of mind that your loved one will be in the best hands.

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The competent entities of each city, either Municipalities or Protection Councils, have activated contingency plans so that people who are in vulnerable situations due to the pandemic know how to act in case they require assistance for the care of their pets. For more information, please visit the official web pages or call the contact numbers published on the web sites. In Quito you can contact Urbanimal, here is their Facebook link @urbanimaldequito.

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Remember that responsible pet ownership implies knowing how to act in case of an emergency, prioritizing the care and welfare of your pet at all times, and above all, always maintaining the responsibility that we acquire when accepting a pet into our homes. They have been part of the family since the day they arrived at your home. Don’t abandon them!