How to choose the best wet food for my pet?

Choosing the best wet food for our furry, is undoubtedly one of the most important activities we can do to take care of their health and welfare, and it is common that at the time of doing so several questions arise as: Are all brands the same? And how do I select the best one for my pet? Today I want to guide you on the main parameters that you should keep in mind when selecting a food for your little one, since at the time of making this purchase we will find in the market a wide variety of wet food, with different presentations and characteristics, so it is necessary to take into account several factors that are of great importance, such as the type of ingredients included, the nutritional value offered, flavors, aromas, textures and extra components that will give a plus to your pet’s diet.

Nutritional value

The guaranteed composition of the product must be based on the requirements of the AAFCO (The Association of American Feed Control Officials) always taking care of the balance of components and providing nutrients to satisfy the needs and requirements according to the breed, size, weight, age and rhythm of life.

List of ingredients

The quality of ingredients that make up a wet food is the fundamental basis for good nutrition, subsequent digestion and absorption of nutrients.Despite thousands of years of domestication, our pets have an innate carnivorous nature, which is why the protein component is indispensable for their nutrition and the source of the same must be as innocuous and pure as possible. The best quality foods list meat ingredients as the first protein source, avoiding the use of meat by-products as their main sources of protein or unspecific sources of the same, therefore the wet food must contain:

  • Meat raw materials of excellent microbiological and nutritional quality.
  • Limited inclusion of grains and by-products of animal or vegetable origin.

Food processing:

A quality food avoids the use of chemical preservatives, added coloring, sugar or sweeteners.

Sensory characteristics:

Just like us, our pets also get bored of always eating the same food, for that reason the variation in flavors, aromas and textures will allow us to break the routine making their meals a unique taste experience. We all want to feed our little friends with the best diet on the market and given the multiple benefits of wet food for our pets, it is a wise decision to incorporate it as a complement or as part of their regular diet, remember that every pet is a different world so be patient and discover together what is best for their well-being. Perform daily physical activity with your pet and visit your veterinarian regularly.

Expect the arrival of our wet food line very soon! We know you’re going to love it.