Teaches children to take care of pets through games

When children and pets live together at home, it is very important that there are some basic rules of coexistence so that the relationship between them is good and there is no risk of harm to each other.

Animals are not toys, but children can be taught how to care for them through play. The natural predisposition of children to play makes this an ideal tool to teach them values and good habits without them feeling pressured to learn.

Caring for our pets is fun

Children should perceive that, although taking care of their pets is a responsibility and they must take care of them, it is also a very fun activity that can be enjoyed very much. To this end, it is advisable to assign them tasks related to pet care from the time they are young.

From the age of three, children can help us brush the pet, at first with our help and then, when they learn to do it carefully, they will be able to do it by themselves. Other activities in which they can participate is changing the water or feeding the pet. In this way, they will learn that they need care and that we are responsible for ensuring that they receive it.

If our pet is a dog, they can accompany us when we take them for a walk. Once in the park you can let the children play with him for a while, throwing them a ball or a stick and running with them. This is beneficial for the children because, in addition to having fun, they will be doing physical activity, which is very important for them to develop strong and healthy and for them to be more tired and sleep better at the end of the day.

Teaching children to be responsible by playing

One of the most important values that children acquire when they have a pet is that of responsibility. Caring for their pet and seeing it grow up healthy and happy will make them feel more self-confident, have high self-esteem and feel more capable of achieving their goals. All of this can be reinforced through play. We can set goals and objectives for the children to achieve. For each thing they do well they can earn points and advance in the game by receiving more responsibilities and rewards.