Regular health and hygiene care for dogs and cats

Good owners know that for their pets to have a comfortable and healthy life, they need three basic things: a good diet, large doses of affection and basic health and hygiene care to avoid future diseases or unnecessary complications, those that make us suffer so much.

So to be a good owner -because we are sure that your pet deserves it- it is important to follow these recommendations:

Regular visits to the veterinarian

A young, healthy animal usually visits its veterinarian between one and five times a year. One of these essential visits is to administer the annual vaccination and, incidentally, to perform a general examination of the animal, because we know that prevention is always better than cure.

Regular administration of antiparasitics

These drugs are essential to protect our pets from parasites such as ticks, fleas and mosquitoes. To administer it, you can go to the veterinarian, especially the first few times to see how to put it correctly and, thereafter, you can do it yourself at home, as it is a relatively simple task.

On sale in specialized stores, pharmacies or the practice itself, you can find a wide variety or formats. It is important to take into account the season in which we are going to use them. In the summer months, with the high temperatures, the dreaded parasites proliferate more. Therefore, we must increase its use: if it is in spray format, we will apply it every two or three weeks; if we choose pipettes, we will apply one every month and if we opt for collars, we will renew it every six months. On the contrary, in the cold months, the drug administration intervals can be prolonged, but with care not to leave our pet unprotected.

We are sure that she would not do it… And if we have any doubts, we can always go to the veterinarian for advice on what is most convenient.