Playing with your cat is important

Cats are characterized by being much more independent than other types of pets, however, they also need to feel the company and care of their owners. The game is the ideal channel to strengthen this bond, besides having other benefits such as:

  • Helps them stay distracted
  • Contributes to their physical and mental development
  • Staying relaxed
  • Exercise and avoid overweight

Game alternatives

Cats are very fond of games that satisfy their hunting desires . Let’s not forget that their origins as hunters are very present in their instinct, so they like this kind of games very much. To achieve this, you can buy a toy that can be dragged along on a string or simply use a laser or flashlight to make them chase the light.

If you have a cat, you should know that they love to scratch, so you can create a scratching tree yourself with recycled materials or buy one in any pet shop or supermarket, this will help them to satisfy their need to scratch and they will have fun doing it.

Another alternative game is to throw a ball for them to chase and catch, it is more attractive to them if the ball has a bell or a sound that calls their attention.

Safe toys

Regardless of the alternative of games you choose, you should know that not all toys are safe for your cat, it is better to buy the kind of toys that are designed specifically for them, supermarkets offer several economical and fun alternatives, you can try the one that works best with your mimmado.