Functional food for my pet

What are functional foods?

We hear a lot about this new food trend and we want to summarize it in a clear and precise abstract: functional foods are a type of food that contains specific properties that seek to improve the health of people and pets when consumed regularly. A nice way to refer to functional nutrition is “nutrition that heals”.

Functional snacks

At Mimma we have taken the concept of functional food and adapted it to a “functional snack”, with the objective of covering two important needs that every pet owner has:

  1. To pamper or reward, by means of a delicious snack that the pet likes and is well accepted.
  1. To nourish and care for their health, through the nutritional and functional composition of the snack, to control certain diseases, correct health problems and improve the overall well-being of the pet.

Introducing our Crookies!

In line with the above, Crookies are a line of functional cookies with a perfect combination of herbal ingredients, natural extracts, cereals and meat, where each ingredient delivers a health benefit to the pet, when consumed regularly.

  • Crookies Basil:Formulated for optimal care of the pet’s skin and coat.
  • Crookies Oregano:A combination of natural ingredients that keeps the pet’s intestinal tract healthy and intact.
  • Crookies Parsley:Specially formulated for the care of the pet’s oral health.
  • Crookies Lemon Balm:Specific blend of natural ingredients that reduce and control pet stress.

We are proud to deliver on our value promise “Nutrition and happiness for your pet” through our products, which are created by animal nutrition specialists who are focused on meeting all of your pet’s needs.